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Bi-Directional Block Cutter:
Bi-Directional Block Cutter cuts the blocks according to requirement of size, in shape of stripes.


Single Disk Cross Cutter:
Single Disk Cross Cutter is used to cut the uneven edges of stripes to make them in a perfect rectangular shape.


Splitting Machine:
This machine is used to split the stripes horizontally into two halves as per required thickness. This machine doubles the speed of the processing.

Callibrating Machine

Calibrating Machine:
Calibrating machine equalize of thickness of the stripes, thus delivering the perfect thickness without variation.

Pre-polishing machine is used to clean up the surface of the steak to make it smooth toget ready for polishing.
Oven heating and filling
This machine is used to eliminate the pinholes, cracks e.t.c., in the stripes by filling the compound of chemicals called Epoxy and liquid hardener and by placing the stripes in oven, where the stripes’ surface turns smooth due to heat.
Our Polishing machine has 14 heads of different degrees of finishes, which can be controlled according to the requirement, like Honed finish, Mirror finish, Antique finish and Leather finish.
8 Disk cutter:
This machine is used to cut the stripes into tiles according to the required size.
Chamfering Machine
Chamfering machine is used for cushion edge in the tiles by cutting them on 45 degree angle. Our chamfering machine has the range of cushion edge from 0.5mm up to 2mm.


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Dark Green Onyx ONYX

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