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This machine is used for slab cutting. The machine has 80 blades which cut the block into slabs. The blades are fixed in a panel which moves in horizontal direction to and fro while the block base moves at upward direction. The thickness can be adjusted by placing or resizing the blades with the help of spacers.
This machine is used to eliminate the pinholes, cracks e.t.c., in slabs by filling the compound of chemicals called Epoxy and liquid hardener and by placing the slabs in RESINING oven, where the slabs surface turns smooth due to heat.
Our Polishing machine has 14 heads of different degrees of finishes, which can be controlled according to the requirement, like Honed finish, Mirror finish, Antique finish and Leather finish.
Trimming Machine
Trimming Machine
This machine is used to cut the slabs into special size of slabs like Stair steps or Kitchen top.

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Dark Green Onyx ONYX

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